Course structure includes various activities, which lead to:

The synthesis of these methods and the creativity of the teachers create an atelier which seeks to embrace not only traditional stage design and costume design, but experimental ways of design and fashion as well. Studies also include performance, installations, graphics, new media and exhibitions.

There are two stages of studies of Stage Design. In the three years of bachelor studies the students will pick up the basics of creating a show, they will learn to analyze a script or a topic and will be able to deal with given tasks of setting and creating a stage production in a creative way. At the end of the first stage, the students are required to present a bachelor thesis as well as an artistic performance. In the follow-up two years of masters studies the students work separately on their personally chosen themes and take part in productions of the school’s theatre Theatre Studio Marta and Na Orlí Theatre. During master studies each student will learn to become a unique and individual creator as well as a member of creative groups. At the end of the five years of studies, students present a master’s thesis and a final artistic performance.

The Department of Stage Design aims to connect some of the study programs with other schools of art (FAVU Brno, VUT Brno), diversifies specific subjects and seeks to collaborate with teachers of different courses, who help to bring the classes to a next level. Students also take part in Czech and international festivals and exhibitions.

Aside from academic tasks and subjects, the students regularly participate in: