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2. 12. 2019 19:00–23:00 | DIVADLOX10, Charvátova 10, Praha |

Theatre X10 presents a new serie of curated events focused on an transdisciplinary and transgenre interconnections opening new ways of meeting the local and international (art) scene. By various topics which each event is surrouded by, the serie establishes new environments open for equal meetings of artists, theorists and every (im)present audience member.

Opening night of ‘Y: POSSIBLE FUTURES’ serie deals with eventual forms of future(s). In the heat of the moment, where future seems to be either (ecological) apocalypse or systemic net(work) inducing paralysis of (human) subject, POSSIBLE FUTURES survey surrounding area for visions and comments outlining alternative perspective(s) on tomorrow, next decades or even centennial horizons.
Future as potential, which can be fullfilled.